It is unlikely that a lightning will fall on you, but this depends on many factors. There is not the same probability if we put ourselves to shelter when we hear thunder that if we face the storm by taking a bath in the sea or walking through the mountains.

According to experts, the probability of a lightning strike on you is 1 in 3,000,000, above the probability that the Euromillion will touch you, 1 every 75,000,000.

Which people have more risk of being struck by lightning?

The majority of people who have suffered this phenomenon are men between 15 and 35 years. These are 5% more probability to be affected by this fact than women.

When is there more risk of lightning striking you?

The risk is higher in the seasons when the storms are more frequent. This happens in summer, mostly in July and during the afternoon.

What are the damages that a lightning strike can cause in a person?

Although we tend to think otherwise, only 10% of people who are struck by lightning die. Largely by a heart attack. Much of the damage suffered by the affected person is trauma, burns and muscle, ocular or neurological problems.

What if a storm catches you in open field?

The first thing that you should do, and more importantly, is to seek refuge, avoiding at all costs to shelter under a tree. Never lie down. The best way to act if there is no place nearly to shelter during the storm, is to sit with your feet together and your head down between our knees. Cover your ears and eyes and wait for the storm to pass.

Can a person affected by lightning be touched safely?

Yes, it is safe, since a person struck by lightning is not electrified. If you are in an isolated area, you can give the first aid to the affected while the doctor arrives and takes care of it.