A total of 335 lightnings have impacted, during the dawn, on all Galicia. As a result of this intense electrical activity, four forest fires affected the Galician mountains.

The affected areas have been the natural park of O Invernadoiro (Vilariño de Conso, Ourense), a sawmill of Vilavidal (Santo André de Penosiños, Ourense), the parish of Cervás (Ares, A Coruña) and Doniños (Ferrol).

According to the first estimates, the fire has consumed 3.2 hectares in O Invernadoiro. Fightfighters have also extinguished two other fires caused by a storm that burned more than 110 hectares.

Fires caused by lightning shock represent a serious danger to living beings and property. Therefore, from Aiditec Systems we want to emphasize the importance of prevention to avoid this type of events.

Lightning protection systems are the best way to reduce the likelihood of a fire caused by an electric shock.

These systems are formed by elements that attract and redirect any ray that will fall within its radius of protection and prevent it from impacting in any other place, with the dangers that this entails.

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