Eternal lightning. New World record.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has certified a new world record for the longest lightning bolt and another for the longest horizontal…

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Roy Sullivan: the human lightning rod

Roy Sullivan: The human lightning rod

Every day there are about 40.000 storms that discharge more than 17 million of lightning strikes on Earth. That is, 200 lightnings per second.…

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4k storms at 1000 fps

Transient 2: 4K Thunderstorms at 1000 fps

He has done it again. Following TRANSIENT‘s success, cinematographer and storm chaser Dustin Farrell impresses us again with a new short film…

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Unusual lightning strikes near the North Pole

For lightning to occur, atmospheric instability is necessary. That is to say, that the cold and dry air be placed on the warm and humid air.…

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Lightning burns more than 20 cows in León

The lightning strike during last week’s storms on the Mount Geras, in León (Spain), calcined more than twenty cows. When the storm began, the cows…

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Dirty storm - lightning in volcanic eruptions

Dirty thunderstorms

PHOTOGRAPHY: SERGIO TAPIRO VELASCO. A powerful eruption illuminates the slopes of the Colima volcano in Mexico on December 13, 2015. Winning…

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Responsible with the Environment

Responsible with the Environment

We work every day to be responsible with the Environment. For that, Aiditec Systems uses 100% biodegradable and recyclable cardboard boxes for the…

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Myths about lightning

Lightning: Myths and reality

Storms and lightnings are exciting meteorological phenomena, but it is necessary to be forewarned, since they have a high mortality and accident…

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lightning impacts on car

What would happen to your car if a lightning hits it while you drive it?

There are days of storm when we ask ourselves what would happen to our car if lightning struck it. First of all, it should be noted that the…

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how far is a storm

How far is a storm? 30-30 Rule

Calculating how far a storm is is quite simple and very necessary. This can help you to seek refuge if, by surprise, the sky darkens and the first…

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recoil hit

Recoil hit

The recoil hit is a type of shock that can cause the death of a person or animal even if it is far from the area of lightning impact. This occurs…

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Lightnings in Comunitat Valenciana

Up to 8000 lightnings in Comunitat Valenciana in one night

During the early morning of this Tuesday the storms have unloaded more than 8000 lightnings in Comunitat Valenciana. Around 1700 within the…

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struck by lightning

Two injured when struck by lightning on a beach in Valencia

The pass of DANA through the Mediterranean is leaving important damages throughout the region. One of the most serious events occurred last Friday…

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lightnings in Spain

August in Spain with more lightnings of the century

A total of 776,126 lightnings hit the peninsula and the Balearic Islands during this past August. This is the highest number of impacts since 2000.…

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the importance of prevention

The importance of prevention

A total of 335 lightnings have impacted, during the dawn, on all Galicia. As a result of this intense electrical activity, four forest fires…

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Lightning protection systems

Beach House protected by Aiditec Systems

Beach House bistro&backery is a new business concept that combines hostelry and health. The restaurant is located in one of the port buildings…

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storms and lightning protection

A very special lightning rod

Photograph of a lightning strike on the Eiffel Tower during a storm on Tuesday afternoon, May 22, 2018. The image was made around 6:00 pm by…

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ball lightnings

Ball lightnings & sprites

There are other types of natural phenomena related to electrical storms. Two of the most curious phenomena are Ball Lightning, also known as the…

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types of lightning

Types of lightning: classification

There are different types of lightning. These can be classified by the direction of the line and depending on whether the discharge occurs between…

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The fulgurites

The term fulgurite comes from “fulgur”, which is equivalent to the word lightning in Latin. Fulgurites or “petrified lightnings” are metamorphic…

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dry lightning

What is a dry lightning?

The conditions for a dry lightning occur are the same as in any storm, the interaction between particles with different charges. It is believed that…

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certified company with ISO 9001

Certified company with ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is based on the PDCA continuous improvement cycle: Plan, Do, Check and Act. This is the perfect platform towards other certifications of…

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and happy New Year

The team of Aiditec Systems, Teldomo and MD Equipos Tecnológicos wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. BACK TO NEWS

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lightnings at 1000 frames per second

TRANSIENT: lightnings at 1000 frames per sec.

Dustin Farrell, professional photographer and videographer, has created a fascinating short film of thunderstorms that we have never seen before.…

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lightning flowers

What happens if a lightning hits your skin?

Lightnings strikes people around the world every year. Although most people survive the impact, they experience serious injuries to their body and…

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lightnings over skyscrapers

what if lightning strikes a skyscraper?

Skyscrapers are buildings at least 100-150 meters high and, therefore, are more exposed to the impact of a lightning. This is because during a…

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how are lightnings formed

How are lightnings formed?

Between 16 and 17 million storms take place on Earth each year on average, 44,000 a day. These are feared and desired equally, and carry with them…

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storm chaser

Dennis Oswald, the storm chaser

Dennis Oswald is a German photographer specializing in nature, landscapes and travel photography. However, for what is really known is for pursuing…

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Lightning rods por PEMEX

Sigma R lightning rods for PEMEX

Firstly, PEMEX is a state company that produces, transports, refines and sells oil and natural gas in Mexico. In addition, it has a large…

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probability lightning strikes a person

What is the probability that lightning strikes a person?

It is unlikely that a lightning will fall on you, but this depends on many factors. There is not the same probability if we put ourselves to…

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most lethal weather phenomena

The most lethal weather phenomena

According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) these are the most deadly meteorological phenomena since 1873. LIGHTNING (Direct) In…

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snowstorm with lightnings

Why doesn’t a snowstorm generate lightning or thunder?

There may be a snowstorm with lightning, but it is not the most common. They usually occur more frequently at the end of winter or at the beginning…

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What not to do in case of thunderstorm

Every precaution is short when it comes to a storm. It is an exciting meteorological phenomenon but also has its dangers. These are some…

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energy of lightning

How much energy does a lightning strike?

Some people may think that this question should already have a definitive answer. But, the reality is that it is very difficult to answer it in…

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Catatumbo lightning

Catatumbo lightning, the eternal storm.

Catatumbo lightning is perhaps the strangest and most spectacular meteorological phenomenon. It is a natural phenomenon that produces abundant…

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Latent ray

What is a latent ray?

During a storm, when lightning strikes a tree, it does not always cause an immediate fire. There are times when the tree does not start to burn…

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lightning strikes plane

Lightning strikes plane and burns airport worker in Florida, USA

Lightning struck a worker at Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers (USA). The accident happened when he worked beside an airplane on…

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invention of the lightning rod

256 years of the invention of the lightning rod

June 22, 1752, Philadelphia. It was a stormy day and Benjamin Franklin demonstrated the theory about lightning that he had been defending for……

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technical department visit Peru

Our technical department visit Peru

Our executives from technical department, Marcos Montero González and Rafael Martínez Moreno, have traveled to Peru to visit our distributors. In…

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lightnings over Asturias

300 lightnings over Asturias

Yesterday evening, fell nearly 300 lightnings over Asturias. It was a storm that hardly left rains. But still, surprised everyone after a weekend of…

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international lightning rods distributor

We are looking for an international distributor

Help us to protect people. Be our international distributor.   We are looking for an international distributor for our products. We currently…

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SSL protection

Always thinking about protection

As for protection and security, we can not say that we are not to the last one. Now It is the turn of our website. We have implemented an SSL…

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lightning strikes plane

What happens if a lightning strikes an airplane?

When you travel by plane it is normal to worry a little. A metal structure larger than a house, without feathers or anything, is not precisely what…

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protect home against lightnings

How to protect your home?

Not everyone knows how to protect their home from thunderstorms. Therefore, in this little guide we will explain what elements are needed to have…

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importance of revisions

The importance of revisions

The importance of lightning rod reviews is a safety issue. An improperly installed lightning protection system is a greater risk than its absence.…

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manager visits Mexico

Engineer Ángel Blanco visits Mexico

Our manager Ángel Blanco visits Mexico to meet with the main clients of the sector. During his stay, he will visit clients such as PEMEX,…

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biggest lightning

¡Record! The biggest lightning in the world

Last week, two new historical records were recognized. The first, and most impressive, was that the biggest lightning known to date has been…

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lightning struck Miami airport

Lightning struck Miami airport

A few days ago, lightning struck the control tower at Miami’s airport. At 7:30 pm on Tuesday, the lightning strike that affected the radio…

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Matelec 2016, there we will be

Good news! In October we will be in Matelec, Madrid, the fair of electrical material that is celebrated in IFEMA from 25 to 28. This fair is one of…

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reindeer killed by impact of lightning

323 reindeer killed by impact of lightning

Today has been known a news that has not taken to travel around the world. In Norway they have found 323 dead reindeer due to a lightning strike.…

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install a lightning rod

Should I install a lightning rod?

Like any protection system, the cost of not having it can be tragic. How do I if I should install a lightning rod? This is a question we are…

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PDC lightning rod

How does a PDC lightning rod work?

Let’s explain how works a PDC lightning rod like our Advance RP, Sigma R and Electron 15 models. When a storm occurs there is an increase in…

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deaths by lightning

5 lightning deaths in U.S.

Last week there were 5 lightning deaths in the United States. The last of them, Scott Pasour, 54, was struck by lightning in North Carolina. The…

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