Beach House bistro&backery is a new business concept that combines hostelry and health. The restaurant is located in one of the port buildings of Xàbia.

Both the decoration and the kitchen use proximity products, natural and of quality. For example, the wood is worked by hand in Pego and fish is from the market of Xàbia.

One of the reasons for the owners to invert in Xàbia is because it has the second best climate in the world. Even so, the French bistro is practically in the sea and, therefore, They have protected their building from the effects caused by lightnings.

For this, They have choosen a lightning rods from Aiditec Systems, following their initiative to consume local products.

It is a Sigma R lightning rod, a lightning protection system with a priming device that intercepts the lightning to a distance of 107 meters. It is manufactured in stainless steel AISI 316L and this makes it resistant to any atmospheric conditions.

Nothing can stop the formation of lightning during a storm. However, installing a lightning rod from Aiditec Systems ensures an optimal level of protection. They offer maximum security to the building and everything inside it, including people, animals and electrical installations.

Value your security, demand quality.