Technical advice

Resolution of doubts, queries and issues related to Lightning Rods and/or grounding.

Budget without commitment

Contact us, tell us what you need and receive your budget for free and without obligation.

Realization of projects

Elaboration of technical documentation for projects.

Installation of lightning rods

Installation with all warranties, and with delivery of installation certificate.

Installation of Groundings

With a guarantee of compliance with the UNE 21186 standard and using high quality materials.

Risk Assessment

Determination of level of risk and level of protection according to the standards UNE EN 21186 or CTE SU 8.

Operation Check

Testing with specialized devices of all the elements of an installation.


Checking, adapting and repairing the installation.


Manufacturer's certification service of any related item.


We have presence in 27 countries in the 5 continents. We work hand to hand with our distributors to offer a quick and simple service.


All our products are tested and certified by independent and accredited laboratories.


We make shipments to any part of the world studying in each case the most advantageous option for our clients.


We make avaliable to our professionals to make any queries that you consider timely.

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The illusion of a project made reality.
Aiditec Systems is born from a group of entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the field of lightning protection and the surges that these phenomena provoke.
Since its inception, in Aiditec Systems we champion innovation in each project. Each installation that passes through the hands of our engineers is carefully studied to offer an adequate solution, always taking into account the needs and possibilites of each client.
Each product that comes out of our facilities passes through different quality tests, thus ensuring the correct functioning in all of them, following as a guide the units tested and certified in the technological Institute of Energy (ITE), accredited and independent laboratory.
We constantly work on news products, constantly investing in I+D+I, knowing that innovation is our flag and a necessity for our customers.
We have presence in 27 countries in the 5 continents, but we do not stay there, we continue in continuous international expansion, offering advice and training in universities and companies that require it.
Count on us, demand quality.

Why install a Lightning Rod?

Security. Reliability. Resistance.

Nothing can stop the formation of lightning during a storm, but installing a lightning rod from Aiditec Systems ensures optimum protection providing maximum safety for people, animals and electrical installations.

The ADVANCE, SIGMA and ELECTRON lightning rods are the perfect solution to protect against the beam, being able, by means of a correct installation, to drive all the energy from the beam to the ground safely. Lightning-induced surges in power lines can be extremely damaging to your electrical or electronic equipment, please refer to our surge protection section.

Protect your community from homeowners, housing or industry of any kind with the comprehensive protection system of Aiditec Systems. Value your safety.


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